For Pastors / Ministry leaders

Posture Shift Intensive

Our 2-Day Posture Shift Intensive is a top training and consulting resource for church and ministry leadership teams. It is the most comprehensive training available, and we train teams across the globe with this course. Designed to address the needs of governance, executive, pastoral, and lay leaders, this two-day in-person team learning experience delivers everything your team needs to faithfully honor God and radically love LGBT+ people.

The atmosphere at the Posture Shift Intensive was open, loving, and productive. I left with a renewed sense of hope that extravagant welcome and unconditional love is possible while holding to the biblical view of marriage.

The understanding I received of how LGBT+ people navigate faith was so valuable. As we understand better it is easier to love well. This training will be one of the best things you will do for yourself and those you lead.

For Families

Guiding Families Seminar

Posture Shift helps foster safety at churches and homes for LGBT+ family and friends. Our Guiding Families print resource offers a best-practice guide for building trust and relationship with LGBT+ loved ones, and at Guiding Families Seminar you will gain a biblically sound approach to caring for LGBT+ people. Learn how to respond well when youth come out, protect youth against bullying and suicide, avoid unintentionally offensive words and phrases, and engage LGBT+ individuals in a trusting relationship over the long term. With nearly 20 years of time-tested expertise, Posture Shift provides practical, tangible guidance for real-life inclusion and care of your LGBT+ loved ones.

For Pastors / Ministry Leaders

Posture Shift Digital Seminar

Now you can easily and quickly equip your entire team on LGBT+ inclusion and care. Save when you purchase a license for each member of your team to access on-demand digital learning in a single purchase. Each team member will have their own license with unlimited re-watch rights! Begin to implement Posture Shift in your organization today.

Posture Shift provides a really helpful framework, theology, and tools for being able to have a strong position (believing in the traditional, Biblical view of marriage) and a loving posture (radically loving LGBT+ people) - we can be both honoring to God and radically loving to LGBT+ people.‚Äč

This training is focused on LGBT+ people as a people group and gives practical insights into a missional mindset to reach them. It was helpful for me to focus on actual people and their stories instead of the culture wars that are so loud.

For Families

private Guiding Families reading group

Book a private Reading Group over Zoom! Our team will confidentially lead and moderate a private reading series of Guiding Families: Fifth Edition for your congregation, organization, or exclusive group for parents and close family members of LGBT+ loved ones. This reading group is a deep dive through the entire book and provides an excellent best-practice care plan for relating well and providing welcome for LGBT+ people of all ages.

Zoom meetings will be scheduled on mutually agreed dates and times over 6-8 weeks, and will include an exclusive session with author Bill Henson.

Registered persons must purchase your own copy of Guiding Families: Fifth Edition (available in print and e-book editions at our website) and read assigned chapters before scheduled meetings. Church or group hosts can purchase in bulk for all registered persons. Free shipping to domestic US mailing addresses.

Posture Shift Seminar Graphic

Posture Shift Seminar

Tuesday, APril 30th from 1pm to 4pm EDT

Join us to learn a sound missional approach on LGBT+ inclusion and care! Registration only $25. Click the button below to register.