About Us

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is Loving LGBT+ People in the Church. We are writing a new church history where Christian communities of faith and homes are the safest places for LGBT+ family and friends.

We achieve our vision via four missional goals: enhance church inclusion, increase family acceptance, protect against victimization, and nourish faith identity in LGBT+ lives.

Posture Shift resources foster safe churches. Guiding Families resources foster safe homes.

Guiding Families of LGBT+ Loved Ones: Revised Fifth Edition is our best practice care plan designed for every pastor, every parent and all who care for LGBT+ loved ones. Available in the Essentials edition (English and Spanish) and the Revised Fifth Edition.

Our Beliefs

We believe the Bible calls us to faithfully honor God and generously love people. Holiness is the standard, and holiness requires honesty. The honest truth is that scripture tells us that “all fall short.” We are all in need of forgiveness for both intentional and unintentional sins.

Jesus calls every one of us to repent (turn to God, surrender to His ways). In doing so, He never permits those who have been born again to weaponize our faith against other people. In Jesus’ day, this was common. Many were propelled away from God due to condemnation from religious people. Jesus says He had to “leave the 99” to go get “the ones” who had been pushed away from God. 

The biblical record is packed full of examples of God going around religious legalism to reach people who have been rejected by men. He does this generously with a Father’s heart of compassion – all while never compromising holiness.   

Sadly, mistreatment of people who need God’s love happens today as well. To those who have been ostracized and condemned, Jesus has two messages. He invites us, “Come, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest for your soul.” And He commands us, “Now, go and sin no more.”

Jesus protects us from condemnation and mistreatment by both religious people – and also our unbelieving world that rejects God and ostracizes those who seek Him. He calls all of us to surrender our whole heart, soul, strength and mind to the Lord.

Those of us who have received God’s amazing grace ought to be the first to generously extend God’s love to others. This invitation is available to every people group across our world – including LGBT+ family, relatives, friends, neighbors and coworkers.

Throughout scripture, position is what we believe and posture is how we treat others. Posture Shift Ministries, Inc. holds to a traditional biblical ethic regarding marriage and sexuality (position). With equal importance, we believe God calls us to offer His presence, love, care and protection to LGBT+ people (posture).

We believe in the Creation script that God’s intention for humanity is to be born male or female. When one’s gender identity is different than one’s natal (birth) sex , it can produce excruciating psychological and emotional pain for gender minorities. Notably, this is a suffering that most of us know nothing about. 

There are both biological and a myriad of environmental reasons why not everyone experiences gender identity in alignment with their natal sex. Importantly, having this experience is “not” a sex act – it is not sexual immorality. It is an extreme suffering.

Every gender minority needs us to care, journey alongside, provide belonging, and be a protector as they face harms in what can be a very cruel world. We believe families and faith communities should be a “safe refuge” for all gender minorities.

This doesn’t change our biblical position on what God intends for gender identity – it does demand a “posture” shift in those of us who don’t have to contend with this kind of suffering and vulnerability to marginalization.    

It’s said throughout scripture countless times and in many different ways, and yet living out the gospel of Jesus Christ all comes down to faithfully honor God and generously love people.

Our Promise

10-Point Promise to LGBT+ people:
  • We will never come into your community with an agenda.
  • We will never discuss theology unless you seek such a discussion.
  • We will never align our work or events against your events.
  • We will never engage in political activities aligned against you.
  • We have never and will never engage in reparative therapy.
  • We will always encourage your parents to welcome you home.
  • We will partner with you to prevent victimization of LGBT+ people.
  • We will labor to prevent family rejection that leads to homelessness.
  • We will collaborate to prevent bullying of LGBT+ young people.
  • We will honor those who are Christian as our siblings in Christ.

Our Organization

Posture Shift Ministries, Inc. is a leading training and consulting resource for church and ministry leaders on LGBT+ inclusion and care. We serve leadership teams around the globe – including churches, private schools, camps, student and youth ministries, counseling teams, and other para-church ministries.

We invite you to check out our Courses and Resources. Or if you are ready to book a training, simply request a quote for the Posture Shift Intensive.

Want to first get a glimpse at our teaching? You can schedule Posture Shift Brief today for a live, virtual look at how Posture Shift can equip your team. This is an excellent way for executive leaders to assess our teaching and interact with our staff in a short two-hour time slot. Posture Shift Brief is available day or night in any time zone around the world.

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Posture Shift Seminar

Tuesday, APril 30th from 1pm to 4pm EDT

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