Posture Shift Intensive is our signature course – the most comprehensive training available on LGBT+ inclusion and care. Our two-day course is built upon 20 years of history training 250,000 church leaders across the globe.

Your organization can request pricing here and then select dates for your team. Upon choosing dates, we’ll deliver to your team a contract. Upon contract execution, our 2-Day Posture Shift Intensive course is officially scheduled for your team.

Why two days? 

 If all we offered was an inspiring message, we can do it via Zoom in an hour! In this area of complex ministry, there is often “a lot of talk” and “not much action.” That’s understandable, because it’s complex. Fostering a church home for sexual and gender minorities will result in “visible inclusion” – and that will raise questions and concerns. For this reason, training in this area must help move teams from education to implementation. We cannot “make a church home” for rejected people if we don’t implement inclusion. The question is how

It not only takes time – it also requires the involvement of executive and governance leaders. By training an entire leadership team, it will preserve unity when ministry becomes complex. It will help an entire team to be skilled at authentically engaging LGBT+ people – while assuring the wider congregation that your church or organization’s beliefs remain intact. 

Give us two days, and we’ll move your team from education to implementation. Your team will increasingly be learning from one another during the course – and it is this cross-team learning experience that makes our Intensive course so successful.

Posture Shift is a game-changer! It will help your team “faithfully honor God” and “radically love people.” It will not require any abandonment of your deeply-held biblical beliefs, but it does require “posture” enhancements.

Below is what we provide your team across the entire two-day course.


  • Introduction, Vision & Missional Goals
  • Key Teaching Objectives
  • Establishing a Biblical Apologetic
  • Thinking Like Missionaries (History, Culture, Language)
  • Living with Gender Dysphoria
  • LGBT+ Expert Panel (via Zoom)
  • Introduction of “Ideal” Inclusion Model
  • Detailed Coverage of Inclusion Model
  • Ten Step Best-Practice Care Plan (from Guiding Families: Revised Fifth Edition)
  • People Studies (4-7) where your team in small groups will process implementation scenarios.
  • Large Group time following each People Study offers cross-team learning from one another.
  • Final implementation guidance

40 min Teaching Times

+ 20 min Open Dialogue Sessions

+ 10 min Breaks

9 am to 5 pm Local Time

60 min Lunch Breaks

Rule: No skipping Day 1

Add an evening event focused on either Posture Shift or Guiding Families teaching content. It can be open to an entire congregation or limited to a specific audience – such as parents of youth, lay leaders, middle and high school students, college ministry, or exclusively parents and close family members of LGBT+ loved ones.

Posture Shift Seminar Graphic

Posture Shift Seminar

Tuesday, APril 30th from 1pm to 4pm EDT

Join us to learn a sound missional approach on LGBT+ inclusion and care! Registration only $25. Click the button below to register.