Posture Shift Digital Seminar – 3.5 Hrs. (1 User)



Now you can easily and quickly equip your entire team on LGBT+ inclusion and care. Posture Shift Digital Seminar for Teams allows each member of your team to access on-demand digital learning in a single purchase. Each team member will have their own license with unlimited re-watch rights! Begin to implement Posture Shift in your organization today. ONE LICENSE REQUIRED PER PERSON

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When to Expect License(s) | Upon completion of your purchase, our team will manually assign “one license per person” from our Vimeo digital platform. During business hours, you will receive your license(s) within a few hours. After business hours, you will receive your license(s) the next business day. Access to our Posture Shift Digital Seminar video library also includes Discussion Questions (PDF) for group study.

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Over the past 15 years, Posture Shift has equipped over 60,000 church leaders on a biblically sound, missiological approach to LGBT+ inclusion and care. Access 4 hours of theologically sound, practical content on how to relate effectively with LGBT+ people in your church, ministry, family, and community.

Topics Covered:

  • About Posture Shift
  • Biblical Foundation
  • Healthy Missiology
  • A Look at LGBT+ History
  • Growing Up LGBT+
  • Words Matter
  • Panel of LGBT+ Experts
  • Answers to Top Questions

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Posture Shift Digital Seminar is exclusively intended for individual use. Purchaser has access to unlimited re-watch (replay) rights. Such rights shall terminate in the event Purchaser shares access with or distributes video content to other persons. Sharing of access is strictly prohibited. Others may purchase their own individual access rights by visiting