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Our 140-page landmark resource, Guiding Families: Expanded Edition, has sold across the globe. Hundreds of lives have been saved. Thousands of pastors have been equipped. Countless family relationships have been preserved or restored.

Guiding Families: The Essentials Edition, our brand new 42-page abridged edition offers the most essential principles at a great price. The Essentials Edition is designed specifically to more rapidly equip pastors, parents, and all who care for LGBT+ loved ones.

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When LGBT+ loved ones come out, families can experience shock. Emotions erupt. Words spill. Relationships become disconnected. One courageous disclosure can be met with a response that communicates, "I don’t understand you.” Meanwhile, in the church, LGBT+ people often face impossible hurdles and suspicion about their faith.

Guiding Families of LGBT+ Loved Ones: The Essentials Edition offers a relationally honoring, biblically sound path forward.

The Essentials Edition offers 42 pages of the most essential guidance for Christian pastors and parents when an LGBT+ loved one comes out. Filled with practical, ready-to-use relational tips; answers to common questions; and explorations of grief, parental influence, and relational care, Guiding Families is beautifully presented in a magazine-like format.

Great for:

Christian parents, family members and relatives of LGBT+ loved ones
Pastors and ministry teams seeking to enhance care for LGBT+ individuals
Staff and faculty of Christian schools, universities and camps
Executive leaders seeking to train and equip your ministry team
Christian counselors and pastoral care staff who often care for LGBT+ people and their families
Small group study resource

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