Guiando Familias: La Edición Extendida


For every pastor, every parent, and all who care

Guiding Families of LGBT+ Loved Ones provides practical insights on how to honor God and radically love LGBT+ people in your life. Our 140-page, interactive guide is a comprehensive resource that rapidly equips pastors, parents, and all who care.

(Formerly Guiding Families: Second Edition)

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Great for:

  • Christian parents, family members and relatives of LGBT+ loved ones
  • Pastors and ministry teams seeking to enhance care for LGBT+ individuals
  • Staff and faculty of Christian schools, universities and camps
  • Executive leaders seeking to train and equip your ministry team
  • Christian counselors and pastoral care staff who often care for LGBT+ people and their families
  • Small group study resource

Guiding Families seeks to eliminate family rejection in this generation…

Examples of content:

  • Understanding risks LGBT+ youth face (family rejection, bullying, suicidality, and homelessness)
  • Real life profiles from LGBT+ young people and their parents
  • Powerful insights from our nationwide parent survey
  • Practical tips for life stages and events (coming out, transitioning, partners, weddings, family gatherings)
  • Articles from Christian leaders specializing in LGBT+ relational and spiritual care
  • Guidance on prayer and supplication to bless LGBT+ loved ones  — and you